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We take care of all the details so that you can have a stress free investment.  What we do here is..

1. Research the areas to invest in.

2. Analyze profit potential.

3. Perform due diligence.

4. View properties .

5. Write offers.

6. Negotiate terms and conditions of the offer.

7. Secure investments on title.

8. Work with lending institutions for rehab financing.

9. Suggest exit strategies.

10. Recommend Real Estate Professionals.


Dear Real Estate Colleagues: 

For whatever reason, lots of houses don't sell. So if you’ve followed the "expert" advice and done tons of work to "keep your numbers up," you’ve spent an awful lot of your valuable time on properties that will never move. And in real estate, just like in every business, time is money, and you can’t afford to waste either one. That’s where we come in.

We want to buy your "un-sellable" houses! We specialize in buying the "un-buyable" and selling the "un-sellable." It doesn’t matter if the house is in a bad neighborhood, needs a laundry list of repairs, or is just plain "ugly." We buy all types of houses, because we know how to make them sell.

We’re Professionals, like you. Real estate is not a hobby or a sideline. We’re involved in far more successful closings than your typical real estate company, and we’re the Buyer. The bottom line: we want to work with YOU to move houses and properties that are stalled.

On average, we buy 2-10 houses each month.

We are associated with our own group of Private Investors who are ready – and FUNDED – to move on property acquisitions NOW. When you work with us, you’ll never need to wait for loan approval. In fact, when we buy houses, it's frequently ALL CASH and closing can occur in as little as seven to ten days.The news keeps getting better: We will pay you your full commission.  You’re a good agent, but sometimes even the best Agent can’t make a sale. When that happens, we've got a better solution.. It’s an easy equation: Your houses plus our investment capital equals profits for everyone. We’re looking for good deals, and fair deals, not only "great steals." Sometimes we pay top dollar for outstanding properties; and if you’ve sent us a "lemon," we’ll let you know immediately whether it will be lucrative for both of us.

We’re not licensed Real Estate Agents and we’re not affiliated with any real estate firm, but we know the business inside and out. So unlike a typical Buyer, we won’t ask you for any of the support or "hand-holding" that can be so time-consuming when working with non-professionals. Just call us with the lead, then sit back and wait for your check.

 But wait, there’s more!

After we buy houses, we sell ‘em! And that’s where you come in…again. Often our profit is to-the-bone, so we don’t use a real estate agent. But when an affordable purchase price makes it possible, we DO use Agents.

Please call our offices at (704) 350-5672 and introduce yourself. We can discuss in greater detail ways in which we can partner for mutual success.  It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

Please don't try to prejudge what we would be interested in. We are not just some seminar graduates or wanna be Real Estate Investors. We buy houses, in all areas and in any condition.


Have one of those "un-sellable" properties in your book right now? Call me immediately at: (704) 350-5672



Prime Holdings and Management LLC has built strong relationships over the years and you can trust if we refer you to one of our partners they will take the best care of you, and your needs will be top priority.
Just let us know what type of services you need, and we will refer one of our strategic partners to assist you.


The real estate team at Prime Holdings and Management LLC continue to build and foster relationships within the real estate community with service providers in an effort to provide a calloborative network of strategic partners.

Through this network our members will be able to utilize our industry partners to assist in their real estate ventures.

If you are interested in becoming one of PHMLLC's industry partners in helping us to make our members a success, then register today and get your business information displayed here where PHMLLC Members can contact you directly for the services you provide.

By joining you will gain the benefits of:

Additional Revenue Oportunities
Provide Value Added Services For Our Members and Investors
Marketing To Over Thousands Of PHMLLC's Website Visitors

To submit your information please email your contact and website information to:


We are a Real Estate Investment Company focused on providing Investors with the best Cash on Cash return on their investment.

We buy investment properties at wholesale discounts and/or at great terms and resell them for substantial profit. If you are looking to buy or sell you've come to the right place. Finding great deals for our Investors is what we do.

In addition to this, through our affiliations, we offer a wide range of other services to help you achieve and maintain your success in the real estate investing business.

The majority of our business is focused on producing substantial returns in commercial and residential real estate. We also partner with Builders, Developers, and other Investment Companies (Lenders) to provide either equity or resources to complete deals for a substantial yield.