Prime Holdings and Management LLC has employed an aggressive marketing strategy and built a strong team of Professionals to uncover investment properties with good to excellent  return potential.  Prime Holdings and Management LLC offers Private Lenders the opportunity to earn high returns on their investment without the risk that is typically associated with high interest rates.

Private Lenders are provided the additional security of a Promissory Note on each property they loan on, hazard insurance and title insurance. The philosophy is to make private funding to Prime Holdings and Management LLC a safe and passive method of earning a high rate of return. Listed below is a some of the key points of our private funding program:

• Private Lender investment amounts start out as low as $5,000 up to $100,000.

• Interest rates vary from 8% - 12% depending on the property's equity.

• All purchases are closed with a Real Estate Attorney or Title Company. 
(If outside of NC, we use an Attorney and/or Title Company in your area). 

• Each property is secured by Title Insurance so that in the event of a title claim, all loans would be paid off. 

**This is not intended to be a solicitation for Investors. It is meant to be strictly an informational guide for members of Prime Holdings & Management LLC.