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Your Privacy

Prime Holdings and Mgt LLC and/or affiliates is committed to protecting your personal information. We respect your privacy and your concerns about unwanted or unsolicited emails, otherwise known as spam.  Information collected by Prime Holdings and Mgt LLC and/or affiliates is obtained by voluntarily subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing products through the site. Information that is stored is secure in our database of other listed users and will never be rented, sold or otherwise released to a third party without the knowledge of the customer.

Cookies and IP addresses

Our website runs off of programming that uses cookies to know who you are. This type of programming is used by millions of other websites in order to authenticate users and customize websites to the users liking. We do record connections from computers for demographic and data purposes. In order to do this, we record connections coming from IP address. Every connection that is made on the Internet is made by two IP addresses - your computer and the host computer you are connecting to. Not only do we keep this data for demographic purposes but for security as well.

We hope that this helps you fully understand our security and your privacy.

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