Prime Holdings & Management LLC

At PHMLLC, it is our goal to help our clients understand the poignancy of credit in today’s society as well as the lending institutions’ paradigm upon choosing whether to issue credit to you or not.  It is also our goal to aid our clients in accomplishing their financial goals, even if the client doesn’t know or yet fully understand what their goals are.

Many people are familiar with the names Equifax, Trans Union and Experian, and some are even familiar with what these companies are designed to do, but only to a certain extent.  These three companies are amongst the most powerful companies in the world; moreover, they indiscreetly control your life. They say whether the banks can approve a personal, business or home loan for you.  They are the deciding factor of whether car dealerships, appliance stores, credit card companies, furniture or office supply stores or any other lending institutions in the world should or should not extend you credit; and if so, how much to extend.  Lending institutions like to refer to this as a person’s ‘Creditworthiness’.  Most landlords and car rental companies also check your Creditworthiness before offering their services as does certain employers.

PHMLLC is here to give people a second chance at being Creditworthy, helping our clients gain, or once again regain control over their lives.  Credit repair starts by first helping a person understand what credit is and how to maintain and maximize their credit to best suit the capacity of that client’s personal needs and aspirations.

To accomplish this mission, PHMLLC will review each of our client’s personal credit files and prepare a customized credit builder plan to help each client either gain or regain a standard of Creditworthiness. A person can then go to a car lot, rent an apartment, and even be enabled to apply for a couple credit cards without the fear of being denied.  

Once we have identified the credit reports weakness, Authorized Users Lines & Trade-Lines with a variety of histories can then be added to build a profile that will fit each client’s budget and financial end-goal.  In the credit world, this stage is typically referred to as the Credit Builder Program.  There are multiple levels of building in this stage.  A profile can be built up so that a person can achieve something as simple as a low interest home loan, receive $40-$150K in credit card financing or be built up so extensively that a person’s profile resembles Donald Trump’s. 

If a file is enhanced enough to meet the bullet points of our finance partners and it is your end-goal to be financed, PHMLLC shall then forward your file to our affiliate partners for Funding.

Start repairing more than your credit, start repairing your life!
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